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The following story is completely fictional and merely a product of the
author's imagination. This story is the sole property of the author listed
below. The events taking place in the story are in no way meant to imply
the true sexual orientations of any real people referenced herein

Please know that the author has no firsthand knowledge about the personal
lives of any of the celebrities in question. Also this story contains
homosexual acts between male real celebrities. If such information offends
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Daniel Conn sat on his back deck wearing just a pair of board shorts, his
muscular body and smooth skin soaking up the beautiful Summer sunshine. He
stared up at the sky through his dark wraparound sunglasses and smiled --
life was good! At only 23 years of age he was living a dream life, being
paid (a very generous amount) to play the sport he loved, rugby league for
the Gold Coast Titans, living in a beautiful house on the magnificent Gold
Coast in sth-east Queensland, Australia's sunshine state and with his
handsome looks and magnificent body (standing 6ft tall and weighing in at a
very lean 110kg) he could score anyone he fancied, not to mention being
romantically linked with celebrity starlets such as Tara Reid. When he
wasn't dating Hollywood hotties, he was getting around the blonde beach
babes that threw themselves on him at every nightclub in the town. The
thought of their slim sexy bodies bouncing atop his muscular frame caused
his cock to twitch and a tent began to form in his shorts.

As his hand slowly slid down over his rigid abs and his fingers slipped
under the waistband of his shorts, he was interrupted by the sound of the
front door bell. He propped himself up out of the deckchair, grabbed a
towel and softly patted it against his large, round pecs, mopping up some
of the beads of sweat which had formed on the two luscious mounds on his
chest. He adjusted himself within his shorts, trying to think of unsexy

As he made his way through the large open plan house he glanced at the
clock which had just struck midday, "Right on time"

Just as he reached the front door the bell rang again impatiently. Dan
swung open the door "Settle down champion, I'm not deaf" he smiled,
flashing his gorgeous set of pearl white teeth at his visitor. Standing on
his front doorstep was Kayne Lawton. 20 year old Kayne was one of the
Titans' up and coming young stars. As part of the team's youth development
program, each junior player was assigned a mentor from the senior
team. Although Conn was only three years older than Lawton, he already had
four years of senior rugby league experience under his belt.

Kane smiled sheepishly at Daniel. He was too shy to admit it but he
idolized his host. Dan had everything he wanted, beautiful house, great
looks, fantastic body and not surprisingly as a result of the first three,
he could score any girl he wanted. "Sorry mate," he replied, "thought you
might be out"

"Nah buddy, was going to wait for you, come on in, did you bring your

"Nah dude, I ran over here"

Dan looked Kane up and down. He was wearing a revealing white running
singlet which contrasted well against his dark, golden brown tanned
body. His muscular chest stretched the tight material at the front and his
well developed shoulders and large, cut biceps were damp with sweat. He was
wearing a very skimpy pair of navy running shorts which barely peaked out
from under his long running singlet revealing his completely smooth, golden
brown muscular thighs, which led down to his lean, tight defined smooth
calves which were bulging after his run. Dan licked his lips subtly, liking
what he saw. Unbeknownst to many, Dan was bisexual. While maintaining a
public image of being a stud with a bevy of blonde beauties on his arm, he
enjoyed just as much his private time with some of his sexy bisexual muscle
stud mates, who understood his privacy requirement just as much as he did.
Dan had a hankering for younger guys however he still enjoyed muscle, Kayne
met both criteria and his attire this afternoon left little to the

Dan went to the fridge and pulled out two Heinekens, popping the lids and
handeing one to Kayne. "Cheers" he said, smiling and looking into Kayne's
eyes as he chinked his bottle, trying to find any signs that the kid was
interested in him. Kayne smiled and said "cheers" but tried to avoid Dan's
intense gaze. Even though he was a stud amongst his teenage mates, he felt
like a shy schoolboy when with this super musclestud.

Kayne popped himself down on to one of the lounges. This had the effect of
pulling his short running shorts further up his thigh and they now clung
around his groin, sitting more like a pair of underpants, revealing plenty
of muscular smooth leg, something not lost on Dan who prided himself on
being firstly a smile man, but secondly a leg and ass man.

Dan fiddled around with his stereo, sorting through his CDs trying to find
something to help them chill. As he sat there Kayne admired Dan's muscular
back which tapered down in a V shape to a tight narrow waist. He admired
the muscular definition in his mate's body and calculated that he'd have to
add at least another 20kgs to be anywhere near Conn's build. Even so,
Kayne's smooth muscular body was not to be laughed at, but next to Conn he
looked like a little boy.

Despite being well serviced sexually by many of the sexy blonde teenage
bimbos in the Gold Coast, Kayne had recently admitted to himself that he
had a massive mancrush on Conn. He had discretely fooled around with his
mates throughout his teens but Kayne knew this was different. He had found
himself watching Conn make his moves on the sexy sluts in the nightclubs
around town while he danced with their friends. His eyes would be glued to
Conn's massive arms as they circled the girl's waist, watching his biceps
and pecs as they bulged out of his skin tight T-Shirt and pressed into the
girl's tits. More and more he found himself wishing he was that girl, with
Conn's massive frame wrapped around him. To that end he thought today he
would try the tactic which seemed to work so well for the local girls --
showing some skin! He had worn his skimpiest little running shorts and
tight running shirt and before he left home he had admired himself in the
mirror and thought "He won't be able to resist" Once he got to Dan's house
though, he had lost all bravado, once again submitting to the shy school
boy role, `maybe a few beers might help to alleviate that!' he thought.

After putting on some music, Conn settled down on the couch opposite
Kayne. They started talking shit, about sport, movies, music, girls. After
the fourth beer the conversation started getting louder. They moved the
party for two out onto the back deck. After the sixth beer Conn suggested
they go for a dip in the pool to which Kayne slurred "For sure". As he did
he leaned forward to grab a handful of chips from the table but proceeded
to knock Conn's beer into his lap. "Oh shit dude" he said. "It's cool
brother, they're boardies, I'll just go and grab some other ones" reassured

As Conn headed to his bedroom Dan proceeded to peel his singlet off
revealing his large round pecs and chiseled 6 pack. All he had left on was
his tiny pair of running shorts. He got up and leaned over the railing,
checking out the rest of Conn's backyard. This is the sight that greeted
Conn as he walked back out on the deck, a now shirtless Kayne leaning over
his deck railing, his long smooth muscular legs flexed tightly from his
revealing short shorts. "Damn" he thought to himself. Kayne heard Dan had
returned and swung around to himself be greeted by a fantastic sight. Dan
had taken the opportunity to slip into a tight black speedo which was
struggling to contain his massive cock. Kayne gulped.

"You comin' in bro?" Dan said, shoving Kayne as he jogged down the steps
and in one motion dived into the pool. Kayne wasn't far behind, running
down the stairs, taking two steps and diving into the pool.

As he surfaced, Kayne realized something was wrong. He heard Dan
laughing. He rubbed the water out of his eyes and looked down. He could see
his cock!! He looked up and there was Dan, and about a metre in front of
him were his running shorts. They were pretty loose fitting shorts and in
the dive they had slipped off. Kayne shouted "Shit!" and dove forward to
grab them. Before he could Dan picked them up and threw them up on to the
deck. "Fuck dude what are you doing!!?!" shouted Kayne. "Haha just messing
with you bro" replied Dan. Kayne stood in the middle of the pool, not sure
what to do. Dan saw an opportunity and went with it "Well, you'd better go
get `em" Kayne realized he couldn't stand there naked all day and swam over
to the edge of the pool. He propped his arms up on the edge, flexing his
big triceps and back in the process. Dan watched closely as Kayne pulled
himself up and his naked ass (white compared to the rest of his golden
brown body) emerged from beneath the water. The smooth muscle butt made Dan
very hungry and the perfect pink hole which he could see as soon as Kayne
raised one leg up on to the side of the pool made him even hungrier. Kayne
pulled himself out of the pool and ran up on to the deck and grabbed his
shorts. As he did he felt the slap of material against his back. He turned
around to see Dan himself had decided to go nude and had thrown his sexy
black speedo up at him. If he had been there by himself Kayne would have
picked the speedo off the ground and rubbed it all over his face, licking
the lycra material, especially the pouch which had until then been
concealing Dan's monster cock.

Instead he turned to look at Dan who was grinning cheekily in the middle of
the pool "It's just us boys, let's get an all over tan" he
suggested. Kayne, covering his cock and balls with his running shorts
looked at him and with the courage of 6 beers in him smiled and agreed,
throwing his running shorts back in the pool at Dan. Dan himself grabbed
them and thought to himself how much he wanted to dig his tongue into the
wet cotton and lick the material which had concealed Kayne's tight muscle
ass until moments ago. Instead he looked up at Kayne's sexy now naked
body. He now revealed a small patch of trimmed brown pubes which led down
to a beautiful 6 inch soft cock (it looked a little fuller than a normal
cock, Dan thought). Beneath the cock were two tight round, completely
smooth balls. Dan felt his own cock twinge as Kayne bombed into the pool,
splashing water into his eyes. As he recovered, rubbing the water out of
his eyes Dan realized Kayne had surfaced only about half a metre from
him. Their massive pecs meant their nipples were almost touching. With a
steady beer buzz heightened by the hot Summer heat beating down on them,
both muscle studs looked at each other and smiled. Dan thought to himself
how cute Kayne looked, such a boyish face atop such a muscular, defined
body -- a boy in a man's body. As he did he felt his cock twinge again and
realized he was now almost completely hard. A 9 inch, thick hard cock
wasn't an easy thing to hide. And Kayne had noticed it..

All of a sudden Kayne froze. Here was the stud of his dreams, standing in
front of him, staring at him, with a MASSIVE, HARD cock staring directly at
him. If it had've been a sexy chick standing there he would have had no
hesitation in picking her up and fucking her. But Dan was not a sexy chick,
he was Kayne's dream muscle stud. So he thought what a chick would do in
his situation. Fueled by the beer buzz, compounded by the Summer sun, Kayne
broke the silence by reaching forward with his right hand and wrapping it
around Dan's cock. Looking into Dan's eyes as his own cock hardened, he
gave it two slow, seductive pumps with his fist, licking his lips as he
did. He slowly leaned his head in to meet Dan's when suddenly, like a flash
of lightning Kayne seemingly awoke from his daze realizing what was
happening. "Oh Fuck" he screamed, releasing his grip on Dan's cock, "I'm so
sorry dude, Im drunk, shit, im not gay" he said as he turned and swam to
the edge of the pool. He reached up and folded his arms up on the edge and
put his head down in them, quietly sobbing to himself.

Dan looked at him and thought to himself, "Fuck this, this boy is mine."
With his cock now even more rock hard than before he walked over to the
kid. He walked up behind him and leaned forward, whispering in his ear
"Fuck I want you". With that he guided his cock between the slight gap
between Kayne's smooth firm muscular thighs. Kayne moaned. "Fuck dude are
you serious" he said turning his head to face Dan's as he felt his massive
tool slide between his legs. Dan respond by leaning forward and sliding his
tongue between Kayne's lips. He placed his right hand on Kayne's right hip,
tracing his V with his fingers. He ran his left hand up Kayne's left side
and grabbed his muscular left pec, squeezing and kneading it as he started
gliding his cock back and forth between Kayne's legs. He broke the kiss and
whispered in Kayne's ear, "We don't have to be gay to enjoy each other
baby" reassuring the confused young stud.

Kayne moaned and pushed his body back into Dan, squeezing his thighs
tightly around his cock "I've wanted you for so long dude, I wanna be
yours" "Then let me have that pussy" Dan replied as he grabbed Kayne's ass
cheek underwater. "It's all yours" replied Kayne. With that he propped
himself up and pulled himself up out of the pool, his ass pointing directly
at Dan's face, teasing and inviting him at the same time. He got out of the
pool and positioned himself on his hands and knees, turning around to Dan
and saying "Come and get it big boy".

Dan didn't have to be told twice. He pulled himself out of the pool,
flexing every muscle in his body as he did, causing Kayne to quiver. Dan
got in behind Kayne and positioned his tongue at his now exposed smooth
pink hole. He gave the smooth ass crack two long deep licks before
extending his tongue and starting to gently probe the hole. With Kayne
starting to moan, Dan expanded his anal exploration of his new lover,
probing deeper and deeper inside. Every thrust of his tongue made Kayne
moan in lust.

Dan's face was now pressed firmly against the two smooth firm ass cheeks
and his tongue was deep inside him. Dan's cock was more rock hard than it
had been all day (if that was possible!) and every time he probed deeper
into Kayne, it bobbed up and down uncontrollably. With his right hand
massging Kayne's right bubble butt cheek he reached back with his left hand
and gripped his own cock, slowly starting to jack himself.

Kayne, in the midst of ecstacy, turned his head around and saw Kayne
jacking his cock. "Oh no babe, let me" he said. With that, pulled his ass
off Dan's tongue, pushed him back on his ass and lowered his head into
Dan's lap. Cocksucking had been Kayne's best talent when he'd fooled around
with his surfer mates as a teenager and he wanted to show Dan his skill. He
engulfed Dan's large purple head, licking right around the rim. Dan leaned
his head back into the sunlight and glanced around, relieved he had
purchased a house with a very private backyard. Slowly Kayne began to move
his mouth down Dan's shaft and despite the width and length, in one slow,
deliberate motion he engulfed the whole cock. Dan looked down at Kayne
amazed. Chicks were barely able to take the whole thing in their mouths,
let alone in one go! This kid is amazing, he thought.

Kayne, with his face pressed into Dan's pubes began to apply vacuum
pressure to Dan's cock, causing the muscle stud to groan. Leaning back on
his right hand he ran his left hand through Kayne's blondey-brown hair and
couldn't resist the natural instinct to start pumping Kayne's face. Kayne
loved the feeling of Dan taking control. He loved feeling Dan's cock pump
deeper into his throat. He also loved it when Dan gripped a handful of his
head and fully starting face fucking him. Dan looked down Kayne's sexy back
and at his beautiful smooth bubble butt as he continued to fuck Kayne's
face. As much as he loved the feeling of Kayne's mouth around his cock, he
knew where he wanted to blow the massive load he could feel building deep
inside him. He gently pulled Kayne's head off his cock. Kayne
disappointedly looked up and asked with sheepish eyes "Did I do something
wrong?" Dan could only laugh. "Fuck, baby, best blow job ever. But I'm
gonna fuck you now." Kayne loved how Dan had taken control. He hadn't asked
him, he just told him what he was going to do, and Kayne had no
objections. "Here?" he asked. "No baby, my room, you're gonna need some
lube" he said, smiling cheekily and giving his cock a tug as if to remind
Kayne of how big he was. Kayne looked at the cock and without hesitation
got up and said "Come on, what are you waiting for?"

"Not so quick" Dan said. He wanted Dan to know his place and leaned down
and picked Kayne up, throwing him over his left shoulder. Normally this
would not be an easy feat for someone of Kayne's size, however it only
further emphasized the muscular advantage Dan held over his younger
teammate. Dan supported Kayne by placing his left hand on his ass. As he
walked him inside he slowly slid his middle finger into Kayne's smooth ass
hole which was very welcoming following the deep tonguing he'd just
received. Kayne wiggled his ass, trying to welcome as much of the finger as
possible, kissing Dan's muscular back and admiring his round muscle ass as
he was carried into his lover's bedroom.

Once there Dan tossed Kayne gently onto his back on the bed. Kayne smiled
up at his muscle stud lover. He admired his handsome masculine face, his
massive muscular neck and shoulders. His huge arms, the right one covered
with a massive beautiful black symbolic tattoo. His beautiful muscular
pecs. Kayne saw Dan was enjoying the worship, flexing each pec alternately
as he watched. Another part of Dan which was flexing was his massive cock.
As he stood there, allowing Kayne to admire him, his cock was bouncing
uncontrollably, telling him that he couldn't wait to explore inside his
young lover.

Realising this Dan reached into a cupboard and pulled out a tube of lube
and a condom. He bit off a corner of the condom packet and pulled the
condom out. As he was about to apply it to the head of his cock he felt
Kayne's hand push his aside. Kayne grabbed the condom and said "let me" He
cheekily placed the tip of the `dom between his teeth and looking up at Dan
he pushed it against Dan's cockhead. Applying pressure with his lips he
managed to unroll the condom over Dan's massive cock head. He engulfed
Dan's cock head with his mouth and continued to apply pressure to the
condom, pushing it further and further down Dan's shaft. Dan looked down
and grinned He helped Kayne by slowly pushing his cock further into his
mouth. As was the case back by the pool, Kayne once again managed to engulf
Dan's cock in one long, slow motion, this time he left a condom firmly
attached to it.

His mission accomplished Kayne grabbed the tube of lube and squeezed some
on to his fingers. With Dan watching, he spread his legs and slowly pushed
his left middle and index fingers into his ass. Dan was transfixed by the
sight of this sexy stud as he began to finger fuck himself and started
slowly jacking his cock. Realising his little show could spoil the main
event Kayne waved his right index finger at Dan and motioned for him to
come forward. When Dan's cock was in reach Kayne applied some more lube and
slowly began to jack it to ensure the creamy liquid covered it completely.
When he was sure Dan was well lubricated he looked up at him and whispered
"Fuck me baby".

Dan was only too happy to oblige. He positioned himself between Kayne's
legs. Gripping one of Kayne's ankles with each hand he lifted them up so
one was over each shoulder. With unobstructed access he then line up his
cock at the pulsing boypussy and slowly began to slide it in.

Kayne braced himself as he began to feel Dan's pole invade him. Driven by
the feelings of lust for the muscle stud about to fuck him, Kayne gripped
the sheets and bit his bottom lip as Dan slowly but deliberately forced his
way further inside him. "Oh babe, stop for a sec" panted Kayne. "Sorry babe
I'll wait for you" said Dan as he leaned forward and kissed Kayne lightly.
A light kiss suddenly became passionate and as their tongues explored each
other's mouths Dan found his cock involuntarily being allowed deeper inside
Kayne. Suddenly Kayne realized and panted for Dan to stop again. They
continued to kiss and Kayne allowed his hands to explore Dan's back. He
found the best way to handle the pain was to give some of his own and he
dug his nails into Dan's muscular shoulder blades. Dan looked into Kayne's
eyes and smiled. Kayne smiled back indicating that he had now adjusted to
the 6 inches which now sat deep inside him. This was Dan's sign to
continue. He leaned forward and kissed Kayne lovingly again and drove
another inch inside him. He broke the kiss and gave Kayne's semi-hard cock
a tug and drove a further inch inside him. Leaning in and kissing a
grimacing Kayne gave him another inch inside his young lover and when they
broke the kiss he looked into Kayne's eyes and smiled. His pubes were now
pressing hard against his smooth muscular ass.

With his ass now adjusted to the beautiful, big cock inside him, the pain
was slowly replaced by feelings of ecstasy. Deep inside him Dan's cock had
already found his spot and was giving him pleasure he had never before
imagined. "Fuck" Kayne cried. "Are you OK babe?" Dan asked. He knew he
didn't have to. He had seen the expression on Kayne's face many times
before on many, many young ladies. He was proud that he could give the
feeling to this sexy young stud.

"Fuck oath" Kayne replied, "fuck me!!"

Once again that afternoon Dan obliged his young stud's request. He slowly
began to grind his cock around inside Kayne's ass causing the young lad to
squirm around in ecstasy. Dan continued to explore Kayne's insides with his
cock, slowly pumping him without actually removing his cock from Kayne's
ass. He allowed these pumpings to build up pace. As he did he let his cock
slide a bit further out of Kayne's ass before sliding it back inside.
Before long he had built up a steady momentum and was rhythmically slapping
Kayne's beautiful smooth ass cheeks with his large balls.

Kayne was in heaven. His right hand stroked the side of Dan's face as they
looked into each other's eyes. His left hand tightly gripped a pillow above
his head as he maneuvered his ass around on Dan's cock. He loved the
feeling of Dan's balls slapping against his ass and loved even more the
feeling of Dan's cock constantly pushing against his sweet spot deep

All of a sudden, Kayne could feel the sweet feeling of a beautiful orgasm
building inside him, without even touching his cock; Dan's constant
massaging of his prostrate was enough. By now Dan had lost all control and
was consumed by lust for the beautiful stud lying submissively underneath
him. He had grabbed Kayne's wrists and pinned them above his head. He was
tonguing Kayne's smooth shaved underarms while his cock was slamming his
ass. Dan himself could feel a massive orgasm building.

Without warning Dan could feel Kayne convulse beneath him and he broke away
from his tongue assault of Kayne's underarms to see if the young stud was
OK. Instead he was hit by a splash of Kayne's cum directly on his cheek as
his cock erupted. Dan stopped the fucking motion with his cock planted deep
inside Kayne's ass and directly on his spot, enjoying the orgasm show. He
looked at Kayne's beautiful face, lost in orgasm as his cock involuntarily
shot stream after stream of cum. Two shots hit Dan's wall, a further two
hit the headboard of Dan's bed, another power surge once again splashed on
to Dan's wall and the spray continued to coat Kayne's own face, chest and

The sight of this sexy young muscle stud covered in his own cum and looking
lovingly up at him was too much for Dan. Once Kayne's orgasm subsided, he
pulled his cock out, ripped off the condom and began to jack it. After
three hard strokes he felt it erupt and Kayne once again felt the force of
a powerful cum. Load after load of Dan's creamy cum hit Kayne, firstly in
the face and then on his chest and then finally dribbling over Kayne's own
cum-soaked cock.

Dan collapsed on his young lover exhausted, his muscular frame threatening
to smother Kayne. Dan could feel the cum between them mush up and down
their bodies. He slowly slid over Kayne's body allowing their muscular pecs
and abs and their now semi-hard cocks to roll over each other.

Through a layer of cum, Kayne leaned forward and nibbled Dan's ear and
whispered "Thankyou, that was amazing".

Dan found the energy to prop himself up and looked at Kayne, smiling.
"Thanks baby, think I'm gonna have to drop you home after training all

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