Thursday, November 18, 2010


HARRY KEWELL. Soccer Player

DISCLAIMER: The writer in no way questions the actual sexuality of the
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David Beckham had joined his wife Victoria in London for the party
rounds.  They had received numerous dinner invitations but it was Harry
Kewel and his wife Sheree in their London penthouse.  After the dinner
accompanied with friendly conversation, the wives became enamored with
talk of fashion and babies so the men excused themselves to Kewel's game
room.  The men were standing near the full bar watching a big screen TV
of past football matches.  Both had imbibed on several  drinks and were
chilling over the game.
 Kewel commented on some play by Michael Owen.  "Heard he was just as
good in bed," Kewel ended.
 Beckham just smiled and continued gazing at the screen.
 "Heard you fucked around with him," Kewel continued.
 Beckham glanced at Kewel with a cheeky grin.  "Yeah, I fucked him," he
emphasized.  "Nice tight arse," he said in pleasure at the recollection.
 Kewel nodded.  "Heard you fuck around a lot with dudes."
 Beckham shrugged in good nature.  "I like sex and get it where I can."
He took a sip of his drink and Kewel grinned at him.
 "So," Kewel said conspiratorially, "what I heard about you and Gav
Henson is true."
 "Now there was a tight arse," Beckham grinned.
 "You must fuck a mean arse," Kewel grinned.
 "No complaints, mate," Beckham nodded smugly.
 "So," Kewel gave Beckham a curious glance, "who fucks Beck's arse?"
 Beckham nodded, "I bottom out some times."
 "Yeah?" Kewel switched off the TV.
 "I only take a ride on prime meat," Beckham glanced to the closed door
separating them from the rest of the house.
 "The girls will be talking for hours," Kewel feignly lamented.
 "Probably so," Beckham agreed, catching Kewel's drift.
 "Think your bum's interested in some Aussie shaft," Kewel moved one hand
and rubbed his bulge.
 "Think that Aussie shaft can handle this hot arse?"  Beckham challenged.
 "I think," Kewel unzipped his Armani slacks and hauled out his ten inch
uncut cock, "I'm gonna fuck your arse raw, mate."
 Beckham looked at the cock growing in Kewel's grasp.  The foreskin was
pulled back tightly and a mushroom head glistened under the track
lighting.  Beckham abruptly stood, walked to the door and locked it.
Kewel watched as Becks moved to the large leather sofa.  He undid his own
slacks and pushed them down his famous muscular legs.  Kicking them from
his feet, he followed suite with his boxers and his own hard cock sprung
free and bounced upwards against his flat cut stomach.  Becks stroked it
and looked at Kewel.  Slowly he sat down upon the leather sofa and leaned
back.  Hauling up his legs until his knees were bend, he moved his
athletic legs apart and exposed his pulsing pucker.  Kewel's gaze was hot
on it as Becks lowered a hand and began rubbing it with his fingers.
 "So," Becks pulled his cheeks apart and exposed some of the inner wet
pink flesh of his ring, "you think that cock can take this smokin' bum?"
 Kewel stroked his hard cock.  A drop of pre-cum glistened at the piss
slit.  He began to walk to the couch, caressing his shaft.  "I think that
your quim is cryin' for this mate."
 "Yeah?" Beckham inched a finger slowly between the pursed lips.  "I'm
ready for it mate."
 "Yeah," Kewel sneered, "but this," he pulled up on his shaft until it
bounced against his ripped stomach, "is a hell of a lot bigger mate."
 Beckham threw his head back against the back of the couch and hiked his
legs up even more.  He gazed at Kewel hotly and invitingly.  Kewel pushed
the coffee table before the couch away with his powerful leg and foot.
He moved before Becks and rocked forward until his knees rested against
the edge of the seat cushion.  He gripped his cock at the base and
arrowed the shaft down toward Becks hungry quim.  He nudged the mushroom
head against the puckered ring and prepared to feed it to Becks.

David Beckham was seated upon a leather couch bare ass naked with his
legs lifted exposing his butt ring.  Harry Kewel stood over him, leaning
into the couch, hard cock poised in hand, ready to fuck the hell out of
Becks.  Becks looked up at Kewel and at that moment had the expression of
an eager bottom.
 "Tell me what you want Becks," Kewel teased rubbing his apple shaped
cock head along Becks crack.  "Come on mate," he chided with a lop sided
grin.  "I want to hear you say it."
 Becks nodded confidently, "I want you to fuck my arse.  I want to feel
that shaft," he glanced briefly at Kewel's hard rigid cock, "rip open my
 "Yeah," Kewel nudged his cock head between the muscular glutes and
touched his piss slit against the quim.  Kewel's leaking pre-cum made it
almost a wet kiss.
 "Yeah," Beckham eager, "fuck me like a bitch.  I want to know what
Sheree feels every night."  Becks pressed his feet against Kewel's broad
powerful shoulders.  "Come on mate, give it to me."
 Kewel nodded and roughly shifted his hips back.  He gripped the base of
his cock steadily and shoved forward.
 Becks contorted his face and grunted, "ughhhhhh."
 Kewel ground his shaft all the way down Becks chute and held it their a
second.  Becks worked his butt muscles and squeezed and twisted against
the thick shaft.
 "Ooooo," Kewel hissed, "you're so tight mate."
 "Get to fuckin'" Becks urged.
 Kewel rocked back, his cock slipping a bit from Becks stretched quim,
and shoved forward.  Becks grunted again.  Kewel repeated the action,
again and again.  His hips rocked and seesawed against Becks butt cheeks.
 Becks pushed his butt hard against Kewel's pelvis with each stroke.
Kewel's balls swung like pendulums clocking Becks hard glutes in an even
rhythm.  Kewel pumped harder and faster.
 Becks panted and reached forward to grip Kewel's hard thick thighs as
they jack hammered against his bum.  Becks shook with each thrust and his
head squished into the soft leather back of the couch.  Becks rubbed his
feet a bit lower across Kewel's hard defined pecks, his toes tickling the
hard erect nubs.
 Kewel gripped one of Becks ankles and brought his foot to his mouth.
licked between the toes and sucked each toe while her pumped harder into
Becks warm chute.  His pulsing shaft was clenched tighter with each heavy
stroke and Kewel appreciated that Becks used his skill off of the field
as well as on.  He sucked in all of Becks toes in his mouth and they
squirmed against his hot tongue.
 Becks' hard cock swung each time Kewel thrust deeper.  He could feel
every vein and ridge of his mates thick shaft against his slick pink
walls.  He wiggled his arse and twisted harder, trying to suck the shaft
 "Work that arse, Becks," Kewel murmured as he released Becks spittle
coated toes from his lips.  Kewel struck harder and the couch rattled and
slid a bit.
 "You work it too mate," Becks panted pushing harder against Kewel's
 "Mmmm," Kewel murmured spreading Becks legs a bit further, reaching
deeper in his mates molten arse.  "You know how to really work that arse
mate," he puffed.  Perspiration coated Kewel's body as he used every
muscle to jack hammer Becks.  He looked down and watched his shaft as it
was sucked up Becks' chute.  "Look at that pretty little quim kiss my
 "Breed me mate," Becks panted, perspiration running down his forehead
well as the slopes of his arse.
 "I'm gonna fill you Becks," Kewel huffed between thrusts, "I'm going to
fill your gullet right up!"  Kewel's balls were tingling.  Perspiration
was running down his broad v-shaped back and down his clenching glutes.
 Becks back was slick with perspiration and squeaked as he jerked
the cushion while Kewel pummelled his arse.  His balls were pulsing and
the thick vein along his hard shaft was pronounced as well.  His cock was
leaking pre-cum and it dripped down along his shaft and splattered
against Kewel's cut abs with each thrust.
 "," Kewel chanted as his body began to
and his balls pulsed.
 Becks nodded, "feed it to me mate!"
 Kewel rocked forward on his toes.  His legs tensed, his butt cheeks
dimpled.  His balls were churning.  "Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Kewel
threw his head back with a growl.  Perspiration rained from his forehead.
 His groin muscles pushed the cum from his shaft.  It over washed Becks
tight clinging hole with full force.
 Becks shivered as his mate's spoog flooded his chute.  His prostate was
pulsing and the rough wash of Kewel's seed tipped the scale.  Becks
contorted his face and wince.  His cock jerked.
"Shittttttttttttttttttt," Becks balls tightened as his cock head expanded
and his piss slit erupted ropes of cum like a volcano.  They splattered
against Kewel's stomach and abs.
 Kewel winced when his balls spit the last drops from his shaft.  He was
breathing deeply and rapidly.  He puffed out a big gust of air before his
breathing returned to normal.  He smiled as he noted the last drops of
Becks' cum run down his shaft.  He chuckled and smeared the spoog across
his stomach and chest.
 "Not bad mate," Kewel chided.
 "Not bad yourself," Becks panted.
 "Wish we had more time," Kewel admitted.
 Becks shrugged, "you'll get my arse again," he winked.  ""I promise."

 Some ten minutes late Victoria and Sheree finally joined their husbands
in the game room.  The men were dressed and leaning against the bar
watching a game.  They walked to the sides of their respective husbands
and lightly wrapped their arms around them.  Gazing at the large screen
TV, they had no idea what only happened moments before, but the leather
couch damp with Becks perspiration was a sign.  Another good sign was
when Kewel moved his hand and gently massaged his mates' well fucked