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Warning: This story contains gay sex. If you are under the legal age to
read such material in your country, or are likely to be offended by such
material, then read no further. This story is fiction and in no way implies
the sexual orientation of any of the celebrities mentioned

Sitting on his chest was a man who was the fantasy of millions of people, he
had a pretty impressive dick and he was horny... was it an opportunity he
wanted to take? He stopped struggling and became impassive as his curiosity

"Good boy," said David who released Gerrard's arms and began to jerk his
dick. As he did so Gerrard looked down and saw the impressive man tool grow
in front of him- he looked into the head of the dick and then to the full 8"
of this cock. He observed the trim hair and looked up into the face of David
Beckham, which was dripping with sweat. Gerrard wondered what had come over
him- everything seemed to be going in slow motion, he felt his heart beat
faster, his body temperature rise, he felt guilty and all of a sudden dirty,
but a sense of curiosity had overcome him and so he lifted his neck, and
David smiled as he leaned forward to allow the head of his cock to meet the
lips of Steven Gerrard.

David felt the soft lips make contact with the sensitive end of his penis.
He was slowly moving forward as the head fell into the warmth of Steven
Gerrard's mouth. The hairs on the back of his neck tingled as he felt
Gerrard's tongue played with the head of his impressive man tool. David's
grin grew wider as he thought of being deep throated by the hunk in front of
him. However Gerrard pulled back and Beckham's long cock flopped in mid air.

"I'm not sure I just..." Gerrard said

"Sshh, no-one has to know." Beckham said as he put his finger to Gerrard's

Beckham again leaned forward into Gerrard who again took Beckham's cock.
Beckham was slowly lowering it into Gerrard's mouth teasing him.

Gerrard could taste the cock and felt everything tingling down his body. He
couldn't believe himself- he was turned on. He gazed up into Beckham's eyes
as he massaged the underside of Beckham's long slong with his tongue. He saw
Beckham's smile widen. He could taste the saltiness from the sweat on the
cock, which was now slowly moving into the back of his throat. He glanced
down and realised that he was just about to deep throat one of the most
sexiest and popular men on the planet. Gerrard thought to himself that he
had to relax his throat so he could take the full 9" of cock in front of
him. He didn't know why but he was glad that David was slowly penetrating
his mouth and he knew he wanted to take all of it, do his best for his
captain. He knew that the return of this favour would be good if he did
this. Beckham's long man tool had reached the back of Gerrard's throat and
he felt the warm tongue of Steven Gerrard caress the underside of his penis
"Oh Stevie, what a good boy you are."

Beckham felt Gerrard flinch, he knew he was embarrassed by this comment and
immediately said "I think you want to take all of this cock, you want it in
your throat." But instead of pushing further Beckham slid his cock out of
Gerrard's mouth and felt the lips of Gerrard drag against his foreskin. He
slowed as he felt the lips go over the head of his penis, which was now
exposed in the air. Shifting forward he put his balls on Gerrard's mouth.

Gerrard understood- he opened his mouth and looked down at the big pair of
balls, he accepted one and sucked on it rolling his tongue over the crinkles
in the balls. He tasted salty sweat and could smell the musk of David
Beckham in his nose. He popped the ball out of his mouth and accepted the
other. He rolled it around in his mouth and then kissed the very base of
Beckham's cock and licked as far as he could up the underside and then back
down, with all the force he could and he saw the foreskin move and he felt
some pre-cum meet his tongue as he returned up for the second time, but he
couldn't taste it over the saltiness of the sweat on Beckham's dick. After
licking back down he kissed and sucked on the base upwards on the man tool
in front of him. Gerrard hoped he was doing a good job, he was only
repeating what he had learned from those women lucky enough to practise on
him. Gerrard returned to massaging the base of the dick in front of him, he
used his tongue and changed directions. he heard Beckham moan "Yeah,

Beckham pulled back "Sit up." And as Gerrard did he felt his back stick to
the wooden headboard at the back of the bed. Beckham waded forwarded and
Gerrard had to adjust himself so that David's one-eyed snake was in his
face, ready to penetrate his mouth. David slapped his massive tool
againstGerrard's cheeks and sent pre-cum all over them. The cock was
put back into
Gerrard's mouth. David again felt the warmth of the mouth of the hunk in
front of him but this time he was pushing forward faster and would not stop
until Gerrard felt his pubic hair against his nose. He felt the back of
Gerrard's throat, he adjusted his angle of attack and he pushed hard with
one smooth jolt so that Gerrard's mouth encompassed all of David Beckham's
man tool. He felt Gerrard gag "Look at me," David said reassuringly and
surely enough Gerrard's eye's met David's- "Relax your throat, I'll hold it
here whilst you adjust." Gerrard heard the reassurance in his captains voice
and smelt his musk- he began to relax, Beckham felt it. Gerrard was slowly
being turned on, he could feel his cock hardening and he began to appreciate
even more the man in front of him, he was his, and the most admired man in
the world. He then felt the dick jerk slowly up and down in his mouth and
although he gagged, he continued to relax his throat, to wrap and massage
the man tool in his mouth with his tongue but also to continue to suck the
dick. David was moaning now as he felt the mouth and throat of Stevie
constrict against his hot rod. He felt the tongue massage him as he slowly
jerked his cock backwards and forwards. As Gerrard gagged every now and
again he felt the throat contort around the sensitive end of penis and he
let out a moan every time this happened. Sure David thought he wasn't the
best cocksucker ever, but he was better than Victoria and he was confident,
it also helped that he was hot and eager to take his massive cock. He slowly
moved backwards and forward rocking his cock in and out of mouth in front of
him. Slowly Gerrard was getting more used to the sensation and occasionally
flexed his throat muscles. Every time he did this Beckham would moan loudly
and the balls against his chin tightened "Fuck, Stevie I love your throat,
you're going to be paid well my man," said Beckham as Gerrard again
tightened his throat around Beckham's tool. Gerrard felt his cock growing
and the tightness of his Speedos against the boner now developing. He could
feel Beckham's low hanging balls slap harder and harder against his face as
Beckham pumped harder into his throat he could feel the balls tighten and
Beckham's moan get louder as he massaged his tongue harder against the cock
in his mouth. "Uuuggghh, yeah baby, I'm gonna cum, I'm gunnnaaa cum in your
throat!" Beckham moaned. Gerrard felt the cock pulsate and Beckham knew it
wasn't going to be long, and with one big moan Gerrard felt the first shot
of cum into his mouth. He felt the warmth hit the back of his throat but
Beckham continued to pound him and three shots later Beckham slowly pulled
his dick out.

"Now lick me clean or our deal is off." Gerrard complied and he tasted the
salty cum on the end of Beckham's dick, which was hanging off like icicles.
Not really knowing what to do, he swallowed the cum as he licked up and down
the semi-hard cock in front of him.

"Now Stevie" said Beckham staring down into Gerrard's eyes "I want to return
that favour before we finish the deal." Gerrard did nothing as Beckham began
kissing down his neck, sucked his pecks and licked the salty sweat down on
his navel. Beckham noticed Gerrard's fat cock head sticking out from the top
of his red Speedos. He rolled his tongue around the exposed head and Gerrard
let out a gasp. Beckham followed the outline of the thick cock in the
Speedos and using his mouth massaged the rather impressive bulge. Beckham
wasn't quite comfortable and he had some plans. He got off the bed and
kneeled at the end of it. He dragged Gerrard down the bed by his feet so
that his legs were of the bed and his cock was just at the edge. Slowly
Beckham pulled Gerrard's Speedos down to his ankles. As he did so he was
surprised to find Gerrard's 7" cock was incredibly thick- it must have been
at least 8" round and very veiny. Finally it sprung out and hit Gerrard's
stomach, perfectly straight and Beckham noticed well-trimmed hair, this was
Beckham's dream cock. As the Speedos were finally off Beckham said "Very
nice cock Stevie!" Gerrard smiled.

Beckham immediately started kissing and massaging the base of the cock,
which was flat against Gerrard's navel. He found the head and pushed his
lips over it. Gerrard felt the warm mouth of Beckham over his cock. Beckham
took more into his mouth and began bobbing on it and rolling his tongue over
the underside of Stevie's cock. Beckham took the whole thing into his mouth
and deep-throated Gerrard. He gagged as the cock was so thick. He pulled his
mouth of the cock with a big slurp "This really is a good dick." Returning
to the base and paying more attention to the low-hanging balls of Gerrard,
Beckham jerked the cock with his hand and Gerrard moaned. Beckham knew that
the cock was too fat for him to deep-throat so decided to take plan 2. He
took the cock head into his mouth and sucked it whilst jerking and holding
the base of the cock. With his spare hand he massaged Gerrard's balls.
Beckham was slurping madly, this was messy, but Gerrard was moaning loudly
he knew he was doing a good job. "Yeah, oh yeah!" Gerrard kept on moaning.

Beckham stopped massaging the balls and let his hand free. He started
groping Gerrard's ass and went between his cheeks and found what he was
looking for.

Gerrard felt Beckham push something into his anus, he winced at first, but
then he felt the strongest, sexiest feeling ever, it made the hairs on the
back of his neck stand up. He felt a second finger and then they began to
fuck him but it felt good, if not a little sore. This and the lips that were
constantly passing over the head of his cock, the slurping and the jacking
were sending him closer to the edge he could feel the tension in the body
rising and his balls rising. Beckham new too and stuck another finger in the
manhole of Gerrard. This clearly was too much "Fuck, oh yeah, oh yeah."
Gerrard moaned as his man seed filled the mouth of one of the most famed men
in the world. Beckham felt the large amount of seed fill up his mouth with
five shots.

"Oh yeah," Gerrard sound relieved as Beckham took the cock all the way into
his mouth and sucked up all the mess.