Monday, April 18, 2011


Nick & Billy Slater

After what must have been a couple of hours into the flight, Nick woke up with a searing hunger. "Fuck, I missed dinner", he said to myself. He got up and found the flight attendant who smiled and said it'd be no problems organising some dinner for him.

Taking his seat, he took another look at the guy sitting alongside him. The guy was engrossed in some comedy and was clearly enjoying it. He had a massive grin spread across hi face. But what he noticed was that he was a fucking Adonis. A stud. There is simply no other way to describe him.

The dude had curly brown hair that was a bit of a mop. It hung just above his eyes, and the stud kept sweeping it back behind his ears. Every time he did that, he noticed his big thick muscled forearms. His visual exploration continued up the arms to his huge biceps that were being constrained in a tight polo shirt. What Nick loved most about his biceps was
the thick prominent vein that ran up the centre of it. Everything about this guy was thick. Nicks cock thickened at the thought of this dude having a high energy fuck session with all of his muscles bulging and sweat pouring off his body. Not wanting to be caught, he resumed watching something as he got my meal and scoffed it down.

It didn't take me long to realise that apart from being a hottie, the guy sitting next to him was a huge sports star in Australia. It was NRL superstar Billy Slater. Assuming this guy was straight was another reason for the cautious glances.

After I finished his meal, he looked across at Billy to get another look before having a nap. As he looked across, he caught Nicks gaze. He was a little embarrassed, but the strange thing was that he held the gaze, nodded,and smiled. He looked down at the magazines Nick had brought along, looked back at him and the smile widened and Nick detected a twinkle in his eye. I blushed and quickly turned away. On top of Nicks standard inflight reading of the GQ and Mens Health, was the latest DNA - the well-known Australian gay magazine.

"Hey mate, I'm Billy", the stud leant across saying with hand outstretched introducing himself.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Nick". Bill turned fully towards him and engaged in small chat. You know, the usual stuff. After about half an hour talking about travel, Sydney, rugby and my work, the course of the discussion changed. "So, Nick, you got a special someone back home?"

"Nah Billy. I enjoy flying solo - means I get to sample many more hotties that way without limiting myself to any one guy." There, he laid it on the table. Nick confirmed what Billy already knew - IHe was a hot horny gay man.

"Great approach dude. I'm married, but we all have urges that can't always be satisfied at home. My wife and I have a rule - we can play around, but for me it can only be with other boys. And mate, to be frank, it's an arrangement I'm very happy with".

"What the fuck!" Nick screamed in his head. Before cooly saying, "that's great you guys have an arrangement that works for you."

Leaning in closer, Billy said, "you ever fooled around with a footy player before?" Nick thought for a moment and said, "you know what, I haven't fucked around with a stud as hot as you."

"You care for some post-flight relief when we land?" was Billy's simple reply. "Fuck yes", said Nick. By this stage his thick 8" uncut cock was hard and straining against the skinny jeans he was wearing. Billy noticed and placed his big meaty paw on the bulge and stroked it. "I can't wait to unleash this big beast and take it deep in my footy boy jock hole" was Billy's simple reply. Nick nearly creamed his pants. Thankfully the cabin was dark.

Billy was wearing a pair of black sweat pants, which gave Nick easy access. He slid his hand in his pants and noticed Billy was wearing silk underwear. In fact, they were speedos. Billy mentioned that he likes wearing speedos rather than underwear. Hot. He got a hold of Billy's cock. It was thick, hard and oozing some tasty pre-cum. Billy had a nice thick
9" uncut cock that sat atop of two big smooth balls. This was going to be heaven.

"How long since you blew a load" Nick asked. "Oh about a week – I'm fucking gagging to blow, but I want to save it for when we get back to my place. Is that OK Nicky?"

The next five hours were hell for them both. They were both super horny and ready for a hot sweaty muscle boy fuck session.

In the car to Billy's Nick asked, "what about your wife?"

"No problems there stud, she's away for a week. We can fuck all week.Maybe invite some friends over?"

Group sex with Billy and god knows who else in his circle of athletic super studs was too much. But fuck Nick was willing to take him up on the offer should it arise.

Naturally Billy lived in a Penthouse apartment that overlooked the Sydney skyline. He was staying here in the off-season before returning to duties with his club down in Melbourne.

"I need a shower after that long flight Nick. Come join".

How could Nick resist. As Nick found the bathroom Billy was bending over taking off his speedos exposing a big sexy smooth muscly jock bubble butt. And deep in the cleft of his arse was his tight hole. Nicks clothes came off in a flash.

Nicks presence made Billy turn around. There he was, this muscle stud with his huge pecs covered in a slight dusting of hair, sitting atop of his rippling abs and shredded torso. This all led to his massive cock. He was fully hard and the foreskin had retracted which put his big purple glistening cock head on display. His balls were amazing. He had these sexy low hanging balls that you could tell were teeming with hot cum. Nick was enamoured with Billy's powerful muscly legs and couldn't wait to hold onto them as he slammed Bills tight hole.

Even before they got into the shower, tongues were wrestling as their hard bodies rubbed against one another. Their thick cocks were spewing so much natural lube. Nicks hands went straight for his big arse so he could pull Billy in closer.

After they soaped each other's bodies up and rinsed off, Nick got on his knees. With the water still flowing, he began teasing the footy stud by running his tongue all around Billys lower abs and legs. He licked everywhere except Billys cock and balls, driving him wild. "Fucking blow me Nick, I need it" screamed Billy.
Nick wrapped his hands around Billys cock and began jerking him and flicking his tongue across the cock head and around the thick shaft. "Oh yeah, that's it stud, work my big footy cock" moaned Billy. Nick was working his own cock as he deep-throated Billy's cock swallowing the copious amounts of sweet nectar oozing from this super star's cock.

Nick kept sucking his cock and began working a finger in his hot hole. "Oh yeah, fuck rub that special spot for me Jack, fucking open my hole up for your big muscle boy cock". Billy lent back against the shower wall and pushed back against Nicks fingers deep in him so he could get the full sensation of having his hole worked by my fat muscly fingers.

"Fuck, I'm gonna blow", screamed Billy. Plunging his cock deeper into Nicks throat. Billy wasn't lying when he said he hadn't cum for a while, around ten big blasts of cum hit the back of Nicks throat. He took it all loving nothing more than a boy who is a super soaker, the sort of guy that shoots so hard and far that they soak everything in their cum.

"That is the best head I've ever had" Billy said still shuddering and with tears welling in his eyes from the sheer intense orgasm he just had. "But this arse isn't going to rim and fuck itself," said Billy has he hopped out of the shower and dried himself off. Nick followed him to the bedroom and noticed he was hard again. This was going to be fun.

Nick grabbed Billy by the hair and pulled him in for a kiss. They stood in the middle of Billys master bedroom with the Sydney Harbour outside his window making out like it was their first time.

Nick grabbed Billy's nipples and tweaked them as he worked his mouth and tongue around Billyss neck and ears. This was making Billy squeal and got him really turned on.

Nick turned him around and got him kneeling on a lounge chair in the bedroom. He grabbed the inner parts of his thick muscly thighs and spread them wide. It gave him the best access to the footy sluts hole. Without waiting Nick buried his face in there and inhaled the clean manly scent from deep within Billy. He began running his tongue along the length of Billys smooth crack. Pulling his cock backwards he ran his tongue from the head of the cock, along the shaft, along his balls and up his deep arse cleft until he
reached his hole.
Nick began working his hot tight hole getting his tongue in there while Billy was moaning and talking dirty.

"Fuck yeah work Bill's hole. Fucking work this footy slut's hole. Fuck, make this dirty little muscle bottom beg for it. Get me wet and open so you can fuck the shit out of me. Fuck I need your big cock in me. I haven't been fucked by a big dick since I last caught up with Cooper."

Could he have meant his teammate Cooper Cronk, Nick wondered? The name-dropping and dirty talk was getting him hotter and hornier. He picked up the pace and began working his fingers into Billys tight hole, one of the most delicious holes he'd ever tasted. "Fuck me Nick, fucking pound my tight hole. I want to feel you deep".

Billy got up and went to his bedside draw, after applying some lube to his hole he tossed the bottle to me.

Billy then got onto the bed on all fours. The sight of this big muscle footy god on all fours with his back arched was amazing. It also showed that he knew the position well and he was a well-practiced bottom slut.
Nick got behind Billy and applied some more lube deep inside him He then ran his cock against Billy's arse and felt all the bulging muscles of his back, pulling his head back so he could
kiss this hot stud before giving him the ride of his life.

Billy leant his chest on the bed so he could reach back and spread his arse cheeks. His hole was twitching, waiting for Nick who began pressing his cock head at the entrance of the tight hole, Bill let out a loud moan.

Pushing his cock forward, Billy eased back so Nicks cock easily broke the barrier. Boy did it! Sinking into his hole, balls deep in one thrust. This was a fuck of lust. "Oh fuck yeah abuse my hole," screamed Billy as Nick began pumping his hole and smacking his big arse cheeks.

"Fucking take my cock deep in your muscle man cunt" Nick yelled as they got into a great rhythm of each other moving in unison. As the sweat dripped from their bodies Billy said, "deep drill me Nick, power fuck my hole".

Nick pulled his cock all the way out and slammed it all the way back in. "Fuck yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Fucking drill my cunt".

Billy's hole was so tight and warm that it was driving Nick wild. He pulled out of Billy and got beneath him so Billy could ride his meat, he loved nothing more than making out with hot muscle bottom sliding his dick inside their
hole, over their G-Spot and making them cum.

Billy slammed his arse on Nicks cock and began bouncing up and down. He was holding onto Nicks huge pecs and making out with him, sweat dripping down his face and his curly locks in his face. It was a pure animalistic fuck. The moans were loud and primal.

"I'm going to cum" Billy screamed as he jacked his cock furiously. Nick could feel his arse tighten around his cock as he kept bouncing and jerking. Billy leant his head back and screamed as ropes of cum flew out of his thick uncut cock. The first load hit the wall behind Nick, as did the second and third. The fourth shot hit the pillow. Number five, six and
seven were the jackpot shots - they hit Nick right in the mouth, cheek and neck. It was hot. The rest of Billy's cum got mixed with the sweat on Nicks chest and abs. Billy didn't stop bouncing.

"I'm close Billy", Nick said.

"Shoot on my face. Paint me" instructed Billy.

Nick pushed Billy off him, straddling Billy's big chest and jerking his cock as Billy played with his balls. He shot a huge load all over Billy's face. He scooped it all up and savoured it.

They were exhausted after an hour of fucking and a long 14-hour flight across too many time zones. Nick laid next to Billy, kissed him and fell asleep.