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Kellan Lutz held onto the handle and opened the door wide, expecting an empty room. Instead he found Mario Lopez sitting in the bubbling water up to chest eight with both arms outstretched, his head back and his eyes closed in relaxation. Kellan stood there awkwardly and was immediately aroused by the sight of Mario's perfect chest and arms. Mario had attained the perfect body, and Lutz was at a loss of words while looking at his smooth brown skin. Mario tilted his head up and looked at Kellan staring at him.

"Do you want to join?" Mario asked.

Kellan stumbled over his words but managed to respond.

"Um, yeah, I didn't, uh, well, I didn't know you were in here."

"It's okay. I had no swimsuit or anything so au naturel is the way to do it."

Kellan stripped off his shirt and shed his sandals next to the jacuzzi. He nervously fidgeted with unbuttoning his shorts and eventually managed to unzip them and pull them down. He had a slight bulge in his boxer shorts as he sort of turned away to pull them down.

Mario watched as Walker lowered his boxers to reveal his perfect ass, and sort of held his hands over his cock as he walked next to the jacuzzi and stepped his foot in. The water was hot and he slowly lowered himself into the water, feeling the jets shoot water against his sensitive skin.

"I saw you on Nip/Tuck, how on earth did you get such a great body like that?" Kellan asked.

Mario reached one hand under the water and adjusted his cock as it began to grow, knowing exactly where Kellan was going with it. He smiled back at Kellan and simply didn't answer. Kellan was immediately aroused at Mario's cute dimples and wonderful smile, immediately noticing that Mario was touching himself under the water.

Mario moved himself from one side of the jacuzzi to the other, sitting right next to Kellan and reaching under the water to touch his dick. He gently grabbed onto it, stroking it as he looked into Kellan's bright blue eyes.

Lutz couldn't help but touch the hard chest of Lopez, his hand lighting caressing one of his nipples. He moved it downwards and felt his muscled abs, pressing on them lightly while under the water. He was now fully hard as Mario's hand stroked him, the warm sensation of the jacuzzi loosening his body of all stress.

Kellan's hand had ventured low enough to reach Mario's own stiff member and he rubbed it lightly while also feeling his large balls, which were smooth. Kellan's face began to flush from the warmth and he felt his orgasm approaching too quickly.

"Mario...I nee...I need to stop for a second," he said.

"Why, what's wrong," Mario asked.

"You're just getting me too hot, this is too much," Kellan said.

"Well here, just sit on the side and you'll cool off," Mario said. Kellan reached his arms up and brought himself half out of the jacuzzi. Mario leaned forward and took Kellan's long member into his mouth, sucking on the head and stroking the shaft
Kellan felt the amazing feeling of Mario on his member and the cooler air on his naked body and immediately felt better. Minutes ago the heat of the experience was becoming too much for him. Mario sucked on his cock until he was close and Paul stopped him once again.

"Let's switch," Kellan said as he immersed himself back into the jacuzzi.

He watched as Mario pulled himself out of the jacuzzi and flexed most of his muscles. His smooth chest and perfect physique shined as his naked body exited the water. He sat on the side and Kellan gripped his thick cock as it sat on the side of the jacuzzi. He licked along from the bottom of the shaft all the way to the tip, using his other hand to lightly massage Mario's big balls.

Mario looked down and loved what Paul was doing to his thick cock. By this time he had the large head of it in his mouth and was circling his tongue as Mario lightly pumped his hips forward.

Lopez pulled out and turned his torso around, leaning slightly over the side of the jacuzzi, exposing his ass to Kellan. Kellan immediately took two fingers and inserted them into Mario's hairless hole. His ass muscles flexed at the intrusion and Kellan could feel Mario's tight butt squeeze his digits as he began to pump them in and out.

He grabbed his stiff rod and guided it to Mario's hole, and put the head at the entrance. Mario pushed back and the head popped inside, with Mario grabbing his own dick and pumping it while getting fucked.

"Fuck me hard," he said as Kellan's dick slipped in further.

Kellan obliged, and began to pound Mario's hole hard and felt his hard pecs and abs as he fucked him from behind. Kellan held on closely to Mario's muscled body as he pumped his cock in and out of the man's hole.

"Cum in me now," Mario pleaded as he felt himself close.

His orgasm came and his thick cock began to spray jizz outwards. Kellan's own orgasm came quickly as he pumped quickly into Mario's hole and continued holding on to his muscled chest.

"Yes...oh yeah..." Kellan said as he pumped his hot jizz into Mario.

Kellan slowed his pumping as his orgasm ended, and he noticed that both he and Mario were still out of breath.

Both men were flushed with heat by the time they could recover and the water in the jacuzzi continued to bubble as both men were exhausted from the hot fucking action.

KELLAN LUTZ. Model, Actor