Saturday, March 29, 2014

UPDATE: Justin Timberlake, Nate Berkus, Nick Jonas, Tom Daley & Nick Bracks/Billy Slater Fiction


BRUNO MARS. Musician




Ryan Kwanten had been waiting naked in his hotel room for fifteen minutes before Joe Manganiello knocked on the door. The Australian-born actor greeted his "True Blood" co-star with a smile and an 8" hard-on. Kwanten quickly ushered him in and closed the door. "Hey Joe, God am I glad to see you." Joe looked down Ryan's toned, defined body to his erection and then back up at his handsome face and smiled. "Really? I would never have guessed." Ryan smiled back. "I can't turn on the tv without seeing your six-pack in a commercial for 'Magic Mike' and getting excited." Joe grinned from ear-to-ear. "Yeah, I've been hearin' that a lot lately. There's plenty of horny faggots out there beggin' to feel my cock up their ass right now." Ryan's dick throbbed when Joe used the word "faggots" and Joe's grin managed to widen even further. "And I've been real busy lately tryin' to supply for so many demands." To Ryan's delight Joe started to unbutton his shirt. "Lucky for you; you've got a real tight ass."

After taking off his shirt Joe started to undo his belt and fly. Ryan gazed at Manganiello's immaculate torso, his beautifully sculpted muscles flexing as he removed his clothes. Joe pulled off his jeans and boxers and tossed them aside, standing there in all his nude glory. Ryan took in a deep breath when his eyes landed on Joe's huge genitals. His thick cock had already filled to it's enormous 12 inch length and stood above his big, hairy, low-hanging balls. A trimmed patch of dark pubic hair tapered up towards his navel. Joe stood still, letting Ryan admire his manhood. "Fuck, every time I see it I'm blown away by just how big it is." Ryan breathed out softly. Joe then turned around, looked back at Ryan over his shoulder and said, "And how about this side?" Kwanten's cock throbbed again as he took in the sight of Joe's naked ass. The smooth, buff buttocks stood out below his rippling, muscular back. Ryan licked his lips as he stared at the dark hairs peeking out from between the cheeks. Joe turned back around and looked Ryan in the eyes. "You wanna' lick my hole, you gotta' suck my pole."

Ryan immediately knelt down in front of Joe and grabbed the base of his cock. He licked along the underside of the shaft twice before sucking the cockhead into his mouth. Manganiello let out a low moan and gripped the back of Ryan's head with one hand. "You're one of the few fags that can swallow all my meat Kwanten. I appreciate a man with skill." Ryan started to go down further, gagging as his throat stretched to accommodate the girth of Joe's cock. "Mmmmm, music to my ears." Joe chuckled. When Ryan's nose reached Joe's pubes he took in a whiff of the sweaty scent, enjoying his manly musk. Ryan began bobbing his head as he orally serviced his fellow actor. Joe started pumping his hips, driving his prick back and forth in Ryan's throat. Tears slid down Ryan's face as he struggled to keep deepthroating Joe while being face-fucked. Joe increased his pace and soon his low-hangers were slapping Kwanten's stubbled chin. Manganiello continued to fuck Ryan's throat for a few more minutes before he pulled out. "All right cocksucker, you did a good job blowin' me. He turned around and put one foot up on the couch, spreading his asscheeks. "Now here's your reward."

As fast as Ryan had got down on his knees to suck Joe's cock he moved even faster to eat his ass. Ryan tightly grabbed each buttock and plunged his face in between. He vigorously licked Manganiello's hairy asscrack, savouring the flavour of his sweat. "Ahhh fuck! You've got such a fuckin' tasty arse!" Ryan soon moved onto Joe's tight anus, rapidly licking it before sticking his tongue inside. Joe grunted and pinched his hard nipples when he felt Ryan's tongue penetrate him. "Ahh fuck yeah! I've never fucked a fag who can eat ass better than you Kwanten." Ryan swirled his tongue around in Joe's anus, causing him to moan in pleasure. The stubble on Ryan's chin and around his lips tickled Joe's taint. Joe tweaked and twisted his sensitive nipples while Ryan expertly ate his hole, they continued like this for a few more minutes until Joe was ready to move on to the main event. "All right Kwanten get on the couch." Ryan laid back on the couch with his ass at the edge and his legs in the air. Joe grabbed Ryan's legs and placed his calves on his shoulders and then  planted his feet apart so his massive cock was lined up with Ryan's asshole. Ryan lustfully gazed up at Joe's face. "Fuck me raw." Manganiello grinned down at him.

Joe wasted no time getting started; he thrust his hips forward, sliding all 12 thick inches of his manhood into Ryan's tight ass. Ryan threw his head back and moaned. "OHH FUCK! God I missed having your cock in my arse!" Manganiello chuckled and began pumping his hips and buff ass, driving his fat cock back and forth in Kwanten's rectum. The friction of his cock sliding against Ryan's tight anus sent shivers of pleasure throughout Joe's muscular frame. Joe started to quicken his pace, forcefully ramming his prick into Ryan repeatedly, causing his low-hangers to slap against Ryan's ass to the rhythm of his fucking. Joe began to sweat, beads of perspiration slowly slid down his ripped chest. Ryan reached up and collected drops of Joe's sweat on his fingers and then brought them to his mouth and licked them. Ryan then started to pinch Joe's nipples, causing him to moan and increase the strength of his thrusts. "Mmmmm yeah, keep that up Kwanten. God you've got a tight ass, tighter than that stoner Matthew McConaughey's or that homo Matt Bomer's." Ryan smiled up at him proud of how tight his ass has remained, despite all the rough fuckings he's received from his various "True Blood" co-stars. Joe began plowing him faster than ever. "Nothing gets me hotter than a tight ass wrapped around my fat cock."

As Joe kept driving his huge prick back and forth in Ryan's ass he felt an orgasm quickly approaching. "I'm gonna' seed your ass soon Kwanten." Manganiello started breathing more heavily, his balls tightening up in anticipation of blowing his load. Ryan continued to play with Joe's nipples, knowing how much he loved to feel them being pinched and twisted. Joe howled in pleasure as his balls unleashed a hot flood of cum into Ryan's eager ass. "OHHHHHHHHHFUCK YEAH!!! Damn you know how to milk a cumshot outta' me!" Joe kept thrusting into Ryan as he rode out the remainder of his orgasm. Ryan looked up at Joe with a dirty grin as he pulled out his softening cock. "Fuck that was fun, but now it's my turn." Joe looked down at Ryan's sore asshole and then back up to his face. "Yeah, I guess you earned it." Ryan got up and stood behind him, his 8'' dick rock-hard and ready.  Joe put one foot up on the couch as he had when he offered his ass to be eaten, except this time he leaned forward giving Ryan better access to his seldom-fucked hole. Kwanten knelt down and gave one wet kiss to Manganiello's tight anus before standing back up and pressing his cockhead against it. Joe looked over his shoulder at Ryan. "I hardly ever let fags fuck me, make it count."

Ryan grinned from ear-to-ear as he slid his 8 inches into Joe's ass. After he felt his balls touch Joe's buttocks he started thrusting back and forth, building up a rhythm. Joe looked over his shoulder at Ryan again. "You better pick up the pace Kwanten." Ryan didn't answer him, he just increased the speed and force of his thrusts. Occasionally Ryan leaned over and licked the sweat off of Manganiello's rippling back. Joe started pushing back against Ryan whenever he thrust forward, causing their bodies to slam together with a sweaty thud each time. Joe gave a low moan of pleasure every time Ryan's dick rubbed his prostate. Standing there drenched in sweat, shoving his cock up a hung muscle-stud's ass while hearing him moan sent a surge of testosterone throughout Ryan's body. He gripped Joe's shoulders as he plowed into him again and again, feeling the sweat fly off of him and his balls tighten up. Feeling another man's cock up his ass was a rare pleasure for Joe Manganiello and it was quickly getting him hard again. He pinched and twisted his nipples and stroked his growing shaft. When he felt Kwanten's balls tighten up as they bounced off his buttcheeks he knew Ryan was going to blow his load soon.

Ryan shouted at the top of his lungs as he came. "OHHHHHH!!! OHH FUCK YES!! Fuckin' hell that was good!!!" Ryan's hot spunk filled his ass as Joe jerked his cock faster. Once his orgasm finished Ryan pulled out his dick, sat down on the floor and tried to catch his breath. Joe stood over him masturbating, his huge cock right in front of Ryan's face. Joe kept stroking himself until he came again, firing a few spurts of jism onto Ryan's face. "Thanks mate," Ryan said grinning up at him. Joe started putting his clothes back on while Ryan licked up all the cum on his face. As soon as he was fully dressed again Joe headed for the door. Ryan stood back up, still licking the taste of spunk of his lips. "I was hoping you might want to take a shower with me while you're here." Joe looked back at him. "I'm a busy man these days. Like I said earlier; there's plenty of horny faggots out there beggin' to feel my cock up their ass right now. And the next horny faggot I'm headed to specifically asked for me to show up sweaty." Ryan felt disappointed that Joe was leaving so soon and jealous that the next guy was getting Joe drenched in sweat from the beginning. "All right man, see you another time." Before he walked out Joe looked back at Ryan one last time and said. " I think I could find time for us to get together again soon." As the door closed Ryan smiled.