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This story is a complete work of fiction centering on a sexual encounter
between the footballer David Beckham and the diver Chris Mears. It is
common knowledge that both men are heterosexual, and this story in no way
attempts to question either man's sexuality or preferences. Readers should
be 18 years of age or older.

David Beckham and Chris Mears

It was a glorious day in Hawaii. The beach was warm and the sun was beaming
down. David had a private stretch of beach, which only him and a few other
select guests had access to. It was a glorious place to and David
congratulated himself on his idea of coming here alone.

He lay on a sun lounger clad in white Speedos. Everyone knew how impressive
his bulge was and the white Speedos only accentuated the curve of his
cock. It was just a shame that there was no one around to see it he thought
to himself. The sun made him feel sleepy so he lay down and snoozed while
the hot sun beamed down on him.

It felt like he had been asleep for an eternity when he woke later. He was
being tapped on his back. He turned around, shades on and saw a slim man
shaking him with a smile on his face. David took off his shades and saw the
diver Chris Mears standing next to him.

"Hey David, I saw you lying here and thought I would say hello. I'm not
sure that you know who I am" he said.

"Of course I do!" David replied enthusiastically....During the Summer,
David had been highly involved in the Olympics which meant that he was
fully familiar with all of the team. He had a soft spot for the talented
young diver.

"I think you are starting to burn so I thought I would wake you up" said
the 20 year old.

David positioned himself to be seated and looked at Chris properly. He was
slim, quite tall and very handsome. He had soft but muscular hairy
legs. His abs were not as defined as Tom's were but he was just as
attractive, if not more so. David motioned that he sit next to him and he
did. He was wearing plain blue Speedos and they looked great on him. His
package was not as big as David's but not many people were as big as
him. Chris had a scar running down his chest in the middle and it turned
David on.

"Thanks for waking me up mate" said David. "You are right, if I had stayed
in that position any longer I would have started to burn. I am meant to be
shooting a new campaign next week and I'm not sure how impressed the
photographer and advertisers would be if I turned up burnt. Anyway, what
are you doing here?"

"Just holidaying" said Chris. "Here with family for a short break."

While the athletes chatted about family and how nice the resort was, a
waiter came over and brought them some drinks. The sun was still hot, even
though it was now late afternoon.

"I think I should help you out mate" said Chris grabbing the bottle of sun
tan lotion that was lying in the sand next to where David was sat.

"Oh no mate, you don't have to do that" said David.

"Nonsense. It's no problem and like you said, you can't turn to a photo
shoot with sun burnt skin can you?"

"Your right" said David.

He turned and lay on his front.

Chris admired David's physique from the back. His back was golden and
long. Chris admired the muscles and the hard tattooed skin. He sat next to
David and applied the lotion to his hands. He started working the top of
David's back, kneading the muscle, unable to resist giving the footballer a
massage at the same time.

"That feels awesome mate!" said David "Where did you learn to massage like

"Just something I picked up from all the physio and training" said Chris,
enjoying every second of being in such close contact with David Beckham. He
continued to work all of David's back, applying the lotion almost
lovingly. David was quiet but smiling. A young stud was massaging him. Both
of them were in nothing but Speedos. David was hoping that something was
going to happen but had no idea how to go about it. He had no idea whether
Chris was gay, whether he was attracted to him and whether he should risk
it. He knew that it was unlikely that all men would respond to him the way
that Tom had.

Chris was lost in thought as he massaged David. He had fancied him like mad
since forever and could not help but get hard as he touched the stud, working his fingers on his lower back, marvelling at the firm, hard, proud buttocks clad in nothing but white
Speedos. He wanted to explore and feel every inch of David and be his
bitch. Chris was fearless. He did not care what happened to him as he
started to oil David's legs. His hands went across the front, so high that
they were almost touching his bulge. David did nothing. He just lay and
enjoyed the attention. By now it was clear to him that they both wanted the
same thing. He decided not to torture Chris any further and turned around.

He was surprised and happy to see that Chris was concentrating on his
ass. He was looking down at David with an expression of longing on his
face. He was caught by surprise when David turned around and blushed,
taking his hands off him and positioning himself away from David so he
could not see his hard cock.

"You OK there mate?" said David cheekily.

"Yeah course" said Chris, blushing furiously.

"That was really good thanks. I really enjoyed it." David said looking at
the shy young diver.

Chris was not looking at David now. Instead he was trying to concentrate on
the flow of the waves in front of him.

"Why don't you have a look just how much I enjoyed it?" David asked Chris.

Chris turned his face and looked down at David who was rubbing his cock
through his swimwear. It looked impressive and Chris was hungry for it.

It looked impressive and Chris was hungry for it.

"Mmmm" he said without thinking. His own hands were now turned to his cock
which was growing harder by the second.

Both men were stroking their cocks, massively turned on by the others
horniness for each other. David moved his hand from his cock and started to
stroke Chris through his Speedos. Chris moaned in appreciation. David
continued to do this, feeling his cock through the fabric and enjoying the
strange sensation of another man's cock in his hand.

"I want to suck you David" said Chris.

David immediately agreed. There was no way that they could do that where
they were though so David suggested straightening up and meeting in a palm
tree lined forest at the side of the beach. Chris got up and adjusted
himself, failing in his attempt to hide his erection.

"Just follow me in a few seconds"

David watched as Chris walked slowly away to a corner of the beach. He
waited a few minutes, finished his drink and followed Chris into the
forest. He had to walk for around 5 minutes until he found the sexy stud
hidden deep in the trees. He was standing against a tree, barefoot and in
his blue Speedos. David strode straight over and kissed him hard on his
lips. He felt wonderful. He held Chris in his arms, his hands exploring his
young, slim body and instinctively moving towards his ass.

Chris was in ecstasy. He let his tongue loose and tasted David. He felt
like a real man. A tall, muscled, hunk of a man adored the world over by
men and women and Chris was lucky enough to be kissing him. He freed his
hands from David's grasp and caressed the considerable bulge in the white
Speedos. Chris felt it grow in his hands and could feel the thickness of
it. He pulled apart from David's kiss and kissed his chest. He flicked his
nipples with this tongue and sucked on them which made David moan. He
looked down and saw David standing on his toes, clearly loving every second
of this. He lifted David's arm and kissed the pits, sweaty, hot and almost
hairless, just like the rest of him. Chris sniffed deep and inhaled the
scent of a real man. David was just what he wanted. Chris continued kissing
his chest, working his way down to his belly button and thin trail of hair,
perfectly shaped and styled down to his Speedos.

His heart raced and he knew that he wanted it. He wanted to be David's
slut. He got to his knees whilst David leaned against the tree. He put each
of his hands on the Speedos and slowly pulled them down. He saw the neat,
trimmed bush and the base of Beckham's cock. As he pulled lower, he
marveled at the thickness of it. It was bigger than he had ever seen and
Chris was hungry for it. He pulled lower until the cock came bouncing out
of the Speedos, slapping Chris in the face. It was just what Chris
needed. A big, thick meaty cock to suck on. The head was big, purple and
glistening with pre cum. Without hesitating for a second, he pulled David's
Speedos down so they were around his ankles and started sucking on that
spectacular cock. He slowly but expertly took it inch by inch, savoring the
sweaty taste of it....It was impossible to take it all though. 

David leaned back and let Chris work his cock. He slowly began to thrust
his cock in and out of the young cocksuckers mouth and smiled as he looked
down to see him at work. He loved the feeling of Chris's tongue on his cock
and the deep throating action that he was doing. No woman had ever sucked
his cock like this before.

Chris began to explore David's ass with his hands, making sure not to lose
concentration on his cock. His own cock was fit to burst but he was too
busy enjoying David to think about himself. He felt the hardness of David's
ass cheeks and responded to David's...enjoyment by sucking even deeper.
Chris felt David's cock getting bigger and bigger by the second and let his
hands lower down to feel David's balls. They were big, heavy and almost
hairless. He could feel the cum inside of them and felt David edging closer
in his mouth. David was now pushing Chris' expert mouth deeper into his
cock. He knew that he would not be able to hold it much longer but did not
want it to end. He loved looking down and seeing a young, fit lad on his
knees in the forest sucking him off. Chris let his hand touch David's
asshole and David felt a sensation like never before. He began to shoot
loads of cum down Chris's mouth, wave after wave of it emptied out of
David, so much that Chris pulled away and spat it out. He pushed his head
back and let David shoot hard onto his young chest. As David stood above
him, big cock in hand and sweating hard, he lay down in the sand, pulled
his Speedos down and let his hands gather all of David's cum. He licked his
fingers while his other hand wanked his cock hard until eventually, unable
to resist any longer he sprayed cum all over himself.

Both men were physically exhausted. David helped Chris up and kissed him
softly on the mouth. The cum all over his chest now hard and clear, they
walked back to the beach before gathering their things and going their
separate ways, both satisfied like never before and knowing that they would
replay that moment again in their minds later that night.

CHRIS MEARS. Olympic Diver