Saturday, April 18, 2015


In the city of Melbourne, the sun was also rising, as was AFL star Dylan Shiel. His hair was a mess, and his naked body stirred, soaking in the
morning sun that radiated through his blinds. Like most mornings, this
ripped hunk was not alone. His partner for this morning wasn't laying by
his side, snuggled against his body. Instead, his partner for this morning
was hovering over Dylan's hard morning glory, the rock-hard, eight-inch
erection that greeted him most days.

`Fuck babe, you don't stop do you?' Dylan said, running a hand through his
partner's hair.

`Not until you ask me to,' replied Dylan's partner, before his mouth
engulfed the long shaft.

`Fffuckk.. Suck my dick Alex, fucking take it all babe,' Dylan moaned,
pushing his fellow AFL superstar Alex Rance's mouth further down his
smooth cock. The two had met at a Melbourne club the night before, and had
a quick encounter in the men's toilets before returning to Dylan's
Hotel. Dylan was Sydney's most eligible bachelor, so this wasn't a
unique occurance. Neither was fucking Alex Rance, who was one of the
most experienced bottoms in the entire AFL. And Dylan Shiel was feeling
that experience first-hand (literally).

`Not much longer mate, keep going, lick my big dick,' Dylan said, enjoying
the sight of Alex devouring his eight-inch shaft. Alex sucked on the
mushroom head while his hand jacked the rest, and quickly developed a
bobbing motion that drove Dylan to the brink. `Fuck babe, keep going, suck
it, fucking take it!!' Dylan let out a long moan, threw his head back and
screamed as Alex furiously stroked his hard dick to an mind-blowing
orgasm. `Fuck yeah!' Dylan yelled. He screamed again, and watched as his
balls emptied and shot a load of hot cum directly into Alex's warm
mouth. Alex swallowed the massive load like a pro.

`Your cum tastes so good man, you got some more for me?' Alex said. He
could tell Dylan wasn't done. `I want you to fuck me again' he added,
running a hand down below Dylan's balls. Dylan didn't need to be asked
twice -the rough fucking he gave Alex last night was one of the hottest
sexual experiences in his life.

`Second drawer.' Dylan said simply. Alex leaned over Dylan's ripped
torso and yanked open the drawer in the bedside table. A bottle of lube
rolled to the front of the drawer.

`I'll get myself ready while you have a breather.' Alex said. He knew it
wouldn't take long for Dylan to build another load, considering he'd shot
about five last night. He crawled to the edge of the bed, then lay on his
stomach, his arse facing Dylan. Alex had a quintessential Aussie speedo
tan, and Dylan loved it. For the next ten minutes, Alex finger fucked
himself for Dylan's viewing pleasure, preparing his hole for the
forthcoming onslaught. He wasn't even looking when Dylan pressed the head
of his cock inside Alex's hole, taking him by surprise. `Oh fuck yeah
man..' Alex yelled. He was so primed to get fucked. Dylan pulled Alex up,
until he was resting on all fours, then began his onslaught. Alex groaned
when Dylan's dick was all the way inside, it almost felt normal after last
night's fuckfest. The lubrication was really unnecessary, as Alex still
had Dylan's cum inside him -they'd only been asleep for an hour or so
after their last fuck. `Give it to me man..'

Alex pressed his arse back with every thrust from Dylan, desperate for
his cock. Soon, Dylan was absolutely nailing Alex's white arse, gripping
his fuck buddy's short hair, yanking his head back. Dylan had the body of a
bronzed God, and among other things, it gave him the strength and speed to
fuck furiously. He had made girls come from just a few minutes of fucking.

`FUCK! YES! OH GOD MAN!' Alex yelled. He slid his arse back and forth on
Dylan's thick cock, but struggled to meet Dylan's frenetic pace. He'd
never been fucked so hard, and so fast. It was doing unimaginable things to
his prostate, bringing Alex to a complete erection without him touching
his cock. Pre-cum dripped from the head of his cock, landing on the
bed. Dylan ran his hand down Alex's back, before sliding two fingers
inside his mouth. Alex sucked them willingly, wishing they were Dylan's
cock, that he could suck it and be fucked by it at the same time. Dylan
had adjusted himself behind Alex, moving from his knees to his feet, a leg
either side of Alex's white arse, his cock angling to get inside. It
flopped out during the move. Alex whimpered, desperate for its
return. Hearing Alex's moan, Dylan slid his entire cock length inside,
then started hammering ferociously.

`OH MAN! OH FUCK! YOU'RE GUNNA MAKE ME CUM!!' Alex yelled. Dylan smiled,
wrapped his arms tight around Alex, then rolled onto his back, so Alex
was on top of him. Alex barely touched his cock, and cum shot like a
volcano, exploding huge creamy loads onto his chest, with Dylan pistoning
out of his arse all the while. `OH FUCK MAN!!' Alex said, still in the
midst of an orgasm. `Give me your cum..'

Alex lifted himself off Dylan's cock, then dropped his face right next to
it. His right hand gripped the lube covered shaft, and jacked it to an
explosive finish.

`Fuccckkk mateee.....' Dylan moaned. A second later, cum shot like a
geyser, two creamy loads blasting Alex in the face. More cum sprayed onto
Alex's mouth, which he gladly accepted.

`Fuck man, you shoot like a porn star..' Alex said, tasting every drop.

`And you suck dick like one,' Dylan said with a smile. Alex smiled back,
then crawled up Dylan's body. Their hot, sweaty frames pressed against
each other, and they shared a cum-soaked kiss. Alex could have lay there
for a few more hours, but Dylan being Dylan was right back up. `I gotta
roll mate, that was awesome,' he said, giving Alex a friendly slap on the
arse as he stepped off the bed.

`Call me..' Alex said. He knew that wasn't likely. Not for a few weeks at
least. He figured Dylan would have dozens of potential fuck buddies
lined up.



ALEX RANCE. AFL Footballer